Andrew Storrie

B. Sci Agric. (UNE) SMARTtrain AQF 5

B. Sci Agric. (UNE)
SMARTtrain AQF 5

Twitter: @AgronomoOz

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Phone: 0428 423 577

Areas of Interest and Experience

Current area of research interests: Andrew has 36 years of research and extension experience in Australian agriculture in fields including: dryland cropping and pastures; irrigated cropping and pastures; rangeland management; environmental and agricultural weed management; herbicide use and registration; herbicide drift, pesticide application; comprehensive extension and mass media skills; small group training and evaluation, writing press releases, radio and television interviewer experience; extensive experience in working in teams to achieve desired outcomes; task-orientated and committed to delivering realistic outcomes within an economically and environmentally sustainable framework.

Michael Simpson

Areas of Scientific Interests

Micheal Simpson has lived in Albany all his life. In his work as a Cultural Connections Project Officer for SCNRM he does a lot of on-the-ground work including weed eradication, seed collection, fencing and revegetation, and has also worked with an archaeologist doing cultural surveys and mapping. Michael is a Noongar man, very proud of his culture and heritage and passionate about working with the aboriginal community. He has assisted with cultural workshops and represented SCNRM at school events to create awareness of cultural values and educate youth about aboriginal history. Michael left school for an opportunity to study Conservation and Land Management. He loves being out in the bush, so why not work in it? He hopes to complete his Certificate 4 in Conservation and Land Management in 2015..