Andrew Storrie

B. Sci Agric. (UNE) SMARTtrain AQF 5

B. Sci Agric. (UNE)
SMARTtrain AQF 5

Twitter: @AgronomoOz

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Phone: 0428 423 577

Areas of Interest and Experience

Current area of research interests: Andrew has 36 years of research and extension experience in Australian agriculture in fields including: dryland cropping and pastures; irrigated cropping and pastures; rangeland management; environmental and agricultural weed management; herbicide use and registration; herbicide drift, pesticide application; comprehensive extension and mass media skills; small group training and evaluation, writing press releases, radio and television interviewer experience; extensive experience in working in teams to achieve desired outcomes; task-orientated and committed to delivering realistic outcomes within an economically and environmentally sustainable framework.

Andrew Maughan

BSocScience (Geography), MSc (Hydrogeology)

BSocScience (Geography), MSc (Hydrogeology)


Department of Water, South Coast Region

Areas of Interest and Experience

Surface and groundwater hydrology and water quality across the South Coast region including streams, wetlands, estuaries and the limited freshwater aquifers which provide most of our public and private water supplies. Understanding impacts of water abstraction on social and environmental values and understanding the impact of land use, land management and climatic factors on water quantity and quality. Previously worked across Western Australia including surface-groundwater interactions and gauging cyclone event flood flows in the Pilbara and Jarrah forest hydrology and dryland salinity studies in the south west. Currently investigation potential for new and expanded groundwater resources for Albany and Esperance.

Walter Anderson

Dr Walter Anderson HDA (1960, Hawkesbury), BScAgr. (Hons 1, 1968, Sydney), MScAgr. (1970, Sydney), PhD (1977, New England)

Dr Walter Anderson
HDA (1960, Hawkesbury), BScAgr. (Hons 1, 1968, Sydney), MScAgr. (1970, Sydney), PhD (1977, New England)

Plant Biology, University of Western Australia


I have research and extension experience in both rainfed and irrigated cropping systems in Australia, especially in the Great Southern, on crops including wheat, barley, oats, lupins, canola, sunflowers, sorghum and triticale. The crop agronomy research and development team that I led prior to retiring contributed to major increases in the on-farm yield of wheat in Western Australia. I have also worked extensively on aid and research projects in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and Iran. I am currently an Adjunct Professor in the School of Plant Biology at the University of Western Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.

Summary of research interests:

The agronomic aspects of the cropping systems of dryland areas in winter-rainfall climates.