Andrew Storrie

B. Sci Agric. (UNE) SMARTtrain AQF 5

B. Sci Agric. (UNE)
SMARTtrain AQF 5

Twitter: @AgronomoOz

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Phone: 0428 423 577

Areas of Interest and Experience

Current area of research interests: Andrew has 36 years of research and extension experience in Australian agriculture in fields including: dryland cropping and pastures; irrigated cropping and pastures; rangeland management; environmental and agricultural weed management; herbicide use and registration; herbicide drift, pesticide application; comprehensive extension and mass media skills; small group training and evaluation, writing press releases, radio and television interviewer experience; extensive experience in working in teams to achieve desired outcomes; task-orientated and committed to delivering realistic outcomes within an economically and environmentally sustainable framework.