Science Rocks is a career expo for secondary school students, to encourage greater study and work in science, technology, engineering, maths and innovations (STEMI) in the Great Southern.

Science Rocks 2015

Science Rocks 2015

SCIENCE ROCKS Career Expo 2019 - Thursday 23 May and Friday 24 May 2019

In 2019, organisers Great Southern Science Council have teamed with Scitech and Rio Tinto to offer Year 7, 8, 9s half day (2hr) sessions featuring STEMI professionals from Perth and the Great Southern sharing their careers, projects and successes across a range of scientific endeavours.

Secondary school students and teachers have the opportunity to participate in short talks, demonstrations, small group career Q&A and facilitated workshops featuring STEMI - SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATHS & INNOVATION topics.

SCIENCE ROCKS also serves to raise the consciousness of science in the community and work towards a regional recognition of the event as a sound career development investment.

Science Rocks and the GSSC are supported by Inspiring Australia.