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Albany's Great Southern Great Science Symposium showcases projects, programs and collaborations driving excellence in science endeavours in southwest Western Australia. The Symposium promotes science to everyone in the Great Southern community who have a passion for life and the sciences.

Featuring oral presentations, Question & Answer sessions and posters from a wide range of science professionals and students working and studying in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, it covers all aspects of regional community life.

Since 2010, the GSGS Symposium has been an accessible platform for scientists, educators, industry professionals, school and university students and community members to explore interests in scientific research and teaching in the local area. The popularity of GSGS is seen by the increasing attendance over the years, with more than 100 delegates participating 2015.

Great Southern Great Science topics range from agriculture to anthropology, from marine science to medicine and health as well as a lot more. All science-based topics can be presented.

Great Southern Great Science Symposium is curated and hosted in Albany by the Great Southern Science Committee. The organising team is Wal Anderson, Paul Wettin, Rachael Wilsher-Saa and Liz Tanner.


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At the time of its inception in 2008 the Great Southern Great Science Symposium was one of the first such symposia to be held in Australia.

Papers are invited from scientists and science communicators whose work is conducted in the great southern region of Western Australia, or whose work has importance for lifestyle, economics, environment and social aspects of regional community life. Presentations and posters cover relevant scientific topics and are presented in terms clearly understood by non-specialists, the general public audience and students.

The last Great Southern Great Science Symposium was held just prior to the start of National Science Week at the Albany Entertainment Centre. It was attended by 180 people and showcased excellent, interesting and beneficial science projects being conducted in the Great Southern. Presentations were made on topics such as marine science, plant and animal sciences, forestry, biodiversity, fresh water ecology, human bioscience, soil science and geology. One of the highlights of this and previous symposia has been the contributions of local secondary schools, whose students have shown remarkable enthusiasm for their science projects.


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