Barbara Cook

Dr Barbara Cook, BSc PhD Cape Town

Dr Barbara Cook, BSc PhD Cape Town


Key research

Biodiversity and systematics, conservation, freshwater ecology

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Phone: 9842 0837

Acting Director/IWC Associate Professor in Restoration Ecology


Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management

Areas of Interest and Experience

Barbara Cook has extensive experience in the collection, analysis and interpretation of river and wetland biological and biodiversity data in Western Australia, especially in the South Coast and South West Natural Resource Management regions. She has published over 100 papers, book chapters, reports and conference presentations on various aspects of the ecology of rivers and the biology and genetics of in-stream fauna. She is currently engaged in several projects which involve the determination of the ecological character of Western Australian waterways and wetlands. She is presently investigating the ecological values of South Coast rivers in partnership with the Western Australian Department of Water. Barbara also has extensive experience in researching the systematics and biogeography of selected components of biodiversity.