Peter Speldewinde

Dr Peter Speldewinde - BSc (hons) PhD (UWA)

Dr Peter Speldewinde - BSc (hons) PhD (UWA)

Key research

  • Impacts of ecosystem degradation on human health

  • Ecology and conservation of Australian native rodents

Email address:

Phone: 9842 0845

IWC Lecturer in Restoration Ecology


Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management

Areas of Interest and Experience

Dr Peter Speldewinde worked for many years in the field of conservation biology, implementing recovery plans and translocation proposals for threatened species. After working in the field of landcare for a number of years Peter did his PhD at the University of Western Australia, examining the impacts of dryland salinity on human health. He is currently involved in coordinating the honours year for the 'Restoration Ecology' degree and a unit in the International Water Centre's Master of Integrated Water Management. His research interest is the effects of ecosystem health on human health and he maintains an interest in Australian native rodents.