Numero - Mathematical Card Game


Mathematical card game [years 1 to 6+] mathematics

What is it? Numero is a numerical card game which not only develops basic mathematical skills, but also involves problem-solving and gaming strategies. It may be played at many different levels, depending on the age and ability of those playing; It is suitable for all ages from grade 1 to adults, and can be played by one, two or more people.

What do you need? The game is sold as a pack of approximately 90 cards with additional material to support its use in an educational environment.

Where do you get it from? Numero is available from R.I.C. Publishing [1800 639 950]

What does it cost? Starter pack with one pack of cards and support material: A$29.95; class pack with 15 packs of cards and suport material: A$249.00

Who is using it? If anyone in the Great Southern is using Numero, please let us know.

More information: Numero was invented by Western Australian Frank Drysdale and some of the profits from sales go to the Alzheimer's Association of Western Australia. Detailed information and the complete rules of the game are available from the Numero website and with the pack.


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