What is Citizen Science?

The collection and analysis of data by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists

Our goals:

  • promote local and Regional Citizen Science initiatives
  • provide links to other Citizen Science activities and websites
  • when possible, participate in and encourage local and regional Citizen Science activities
  • facilitate communication and participation between Regional scientists and interested citizen scientists
  • seek and promote Regional Citizen Science projects via organised science events such as the Great Southern Great Science Symposium

Our actions for 2017:

  • develop Citizen Science content and links on the GSSC web page
  • identify our involvement in citizen science projects
  • promote and/or host a Citizen Science workshop with key scientists
  • target Citizen Science projects for the 2017 Great Southern Great Science Symposium
  • identify actions for the National Innovation and Science Agenda for Citizen Science in the Great Southern

Links and projects

Several of the web page links on the Science Council's main page provide information on Citizen Science projects. Here are some specific links to existing Citizen Science projects around Australia: